About us

BeGreaterWith is committed to bringing the best uniforms and equipment to the underserved student-athletes in Cincinnati. 

We polled 316 3rd graders about what brand they would prefer wearing when playing sports. The results were overwhelming Nike.







Under Armor




The students clearly want Nike, so Nike is what we are going to provide. The influence of this brand dominates in the minds of our youth. We must leverage that mindset to put these students in physiological position to compete at the highest level.

Instill Confidence in Student-Athletes

How we do it

We have partnered with Cincinnati Public Schools to engage boys and girls in sports with matching Nike uniforms.

Over 20 public schools will participate this upcoming school year in flag football, boys basketball, girls basketball as well as track and field in the fall. 

1,700+ Student-Athletes

why we do it

We have the opportunity to give provide for Cincinnati’s young and impressionable community. This age range, especially grades 4-6, is the time that youth start to self-identify with the things they observe; the idea of self-awareness. 

Sports are a great way to aid children with the process of identifying themselves by providing opportunities to develop skills such as: 

leadership, social, cooperation, discipline, and time management

In order for underserved student athletes to unlock the same potential skill levels as those served with proper equipment, there should be an even playing field. 

Our sponsers

Thank you to our sponsors for their significant contributions to BeGreaterWith. 

Our board

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